Freitag, 21. März 2014

Instant Happiness II

  • Walk briskly around the block or in the park for ten minutes. You are allowed to walk longer than that if necessary.
  • Stand straight, spread your arms wide and shout: "I'm so unhappy!" If that doesn't put at least a little smile on your face, further measures are advised.
  • Look up at the sky for a while and take a few deep breaths. Now ask yourself if it's really so important that the stupid neighbor has given you a funny look yet again? (Maybe she's not even stupid)
  • Pay someone a compliment. Make sure it is an honest compliment and if you feel brave, pick somebody you do not know, maybe someone you pass in the street. Hint: Before you go ahead make sure that the receiver of your compliment has not plugged his ears with his or her I-Pod. Otherwise, the whole undertaking might backfire. You might end up in a similar situation to explaining a joke over and over again. In the best case you might find yourself involved in a friendly chat with a person who already likes you.
  • Bounce around a bit on a trampoline. Small trampolines do not cost the earth, and the bouncing or whatever you like to do even counts as workout. 
  • Flirt with a baby. Do not take it personally when it starts screaming at the sight of your face. Navigate to the next baby.
  • Watch any video at I know that doesn't make the world a better place but it may remind you that it's also not as bad as it appears to you at this moment.

Of course I'm not superstitious - that's supposed to be bad luck - but I like magic numbers. Therefore, the list consists of seven and not the usual ten items.

I'm looking forward to your feedback.