Freitag, 6. Januar 2017

Magic on Main St.

Some days are just a little more special than others.

Yesterday, I went downtown to return some books to the library and maybe browse some of my favorite shopping venues. When I entered one of them, an elderly lady walked right beside me and muttered something like: "All those fucking useless people - all this is horrible shit, all these stupid fucking people...." And her face fitted her muttering - she looked like she was an a warpath. But what really gave me a start was her general look - she was actually rather attractive (or could have been if she had changed her embittered expression) and dressed smartly, in very expensive, elegant clothes and with real good taste. Interesting, I thought. 

And immediately pledged that I would do everything I can not to end up like her. Make no mistake: I wouldn't mind the clothes, I am speaking of the attitude.

Half an hour later I crossed a small place in the middle of our biggest shopping street where, since I don't remember when, a middle-aged transvestite has taken to dancing to the sound of a small ghetto blaster. Or sometimes simply to the music in his head.

He (or rather: she) is usually dressed in what you might call "bellydancing overkill" style and in summer, sporting a bare rift and bare feet, flowing yellow stringy hair and lots of costume jewellery. She is tall, definitely overweight and certainly not a classical beauty. But I have always admired her attitude and felt sorry that most of the passers-by make fun of her, stare as if she was a horrid sight or even laugh out loud. However, nothing ever seemed to impress her or made her give up.

Today, I noticed someone dancing along with her. I looked a little closer, and saw that a young woman moved next to her, holding her hand and smiling at her kindly.

There was nothing special about this woman except maybe her Asian features. Which also is not that special in my hometown. After a few more minutes she bade farewell to her dancing partner by kissing her hand. I smiled at her and gave her a "thumbs up". She ambled over in my direction and I told her that I loved what she just did. Then it happened:

She suddenly bowed and touched my shoes, came up again, gently took my face in her hands, stroked my cheeks, then took both my hands and kissed them. She smiled at me like a fairy godmother and said "I love you" and was on her way.

I just stood in the same place for a while, feeling peaceful, calm and - blessed. Yes, blessed, even if I don't usually like this worn-out word. But there is no other expression that describes what I felt.

Magic on main street