Donnerstag, 6. November 2014

Bad Hair Day

Slowly getting used to the idea  that I don't need to be perfect and at the  same time, forgiving  myself for being exhausted  by  the games my little Ka* is up to these days, I have decided to post little stories of my daily  endeavours rather than not writing at all or waiting for some - so far unidentified - muse  to kiss me.

I got up this morning (OK - late morning) with the intention of washing my hair and therefore, I took off my watch and laid it.... somewhere. Then I couldn't really face washing my hair but neither could I remember where I put my watch. Which actually is waterproof so no need to take it off in the first place. 

I had coffee and was looking forward to seeing my therapist which I hadn't seen for two weeks (or so I thought). We had just switched the meetings from weekly to bi-weekly so the hours approved by my insurance could be stretched a little. When she opened the door she looked surprised somehow but greeted me with her usual friendly smile. Then she picked up her schedule and said haltingly: "I wasn't really expecting you today." And I was like.....ooops! 

However, being the empathic person she is and because she had some time she gave me thirty minutes to vent. 

Interestingly  enough I ended up telling her about all the good things that are happening right now and when I started to walk home, the sun had come out, shining brightly upon my  unwashed head. 

*Ka is what I have christened  my depression because it reminds me of the junglebook character in her ways and means.

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